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It’s not just about finding data. We use and develop the most advanced artificial intelligence, smart algorithms and machine learning to help your people achieve.

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Search, analytics and social listening are essential tools for gaining competitive advantage, driving productivity and meeting customer expectations. Search365 is a highly experienced team of leading search experts focused in this specialised area. We work with our clients to make big data searchable, actionable and valuable.

Social listening

We can track what the market is saying about your organisation, and take action on it. We can combine this social data with smart analytics to deepen the relationships with your customers. More

Mobile and website search

Most users never look beyond the first results page, so we help you deliver what your customers are looking for, from traditional site search to engaging web experiences driven by search. We can also increase revenue through targeting, analytics and personalisation. More

Enterprise-wide search

Find data easily, even across legacy systems. Make files searchable and accessible. Securely integrate disparate systems, create digital workspaces, enable employees to work more effectively. Improve knowledge management, security and compliance. More

Search based analytics

Using sophisticated deep learning and A.I. tools, we combine search and big data to deliver algorithms and analytics, generate crucial insights and help you to make evidence-based decisions. More

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About Search365

We’re at the forefront of artificial intelligence, advanced search algorithms, machine learning and natural language processing. Australian Government organisations and large enterprises trust us to build and support their enterprise search, website search and intelligence solutions. 
Our products are built for the Human OS, and span three categories:
Enterprise Search – allows employees to search securely, across a multitude of legacy systems, their underlying databases, and into the text of documents such as Word, PowerPoint, PDF etc. You can take a page from a Word document and combine it with a slide from a PowerPoint presentation, then download it as an Excel Spreadsheet while maintaining links back to the source document.
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) – our products can find persons of interest across public and private data sources to help preserve the liberty of Australian citizens. 
Classify – we harness the power of NLP and machine learning, and our products incorporate the same NLP used by Google, UBER, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Adobe and Airbnb along with US government agencies NSA, Dept. of Homeland Security and many others.
At Search365, we develop smart machines for intelligent people.

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We work with top tier enterprise and government clients, including:

The Department has been using Search365 since June 2013. They have assisted us in managing our Enterprise Search tool, allowing our staff to find the right information quickly and easily. A Search365 representative has been assigned to the Department, responding to ad-hoc queries and also coming on-site fortnightly to assist us make the most of our Enterprise Search. The quality of our Enterprise Search tool, since engaging Search365, has exceeded our expectations.Megan HenryCIO, Department of Communications
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